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On her debut album, Bombay Calling, Samsaya revisits her heritage and reconciles her many identities while forging a completely new brand of pop. She achieves a kind of carefree authenticity, and it’s not happening solely because of her experiences of feeling otherness. The beat for “Stereotype” recalls the buoyancy of OutKast’s “Hey-Ya”, a song that obliterated boundaries with it’s cross-genre popularity when it was released.Similarly, “Stereotype” points out that music can be a bridge between cultures, and that sometimes all it takes to unite us is a good dance beat.

Vocally, Samsaya has achieved the very sound she envied as a kid, her voice soaring and bubbling, reminiscent of pop stars like Gwen Stefani, Solange, and Robyn, letting it loose over infectious beats.  When asked to put the sound into words, Samsaya chooses one that’s highly appropriate: magma. “It’s a Greek word for ‘mixture. ' And it’s actually the center of the world, inside the earth, explosive like lava. So it’s like Magma Pop. It’s a mixture, it’s a lot of emotion and it’s really warm, sometimes scorching hot.”

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SAMSAYA @by:Larm 2014

Samsaya will be doing two shows @by:Larm in Oslo Norway next week. Catch her energetic magma pop sound and experince her sizzling melting pot band live. for more info check out @by:Larm

Artist Of The Day

Myspace selected Samsaya as their Artist Of The Day! Find out what to expect from her upcoming album, Bombay Calling, who she'd like to collaborate with, and more by checking out the full interview on Myspace.


"Stereotype" Available Now on iTunes

Appreciating all the love from Germany! You are such amazing people. The "Stereotype" single is finally out on iTunes so spread the word! You can download it by clicking here. Thank you for not being down with the stereotype!

Samsaya is "One To Keep An Eye On"

Calling her "the rambunctious love child of Nelly Furtado and Santigold," MTV Iggy featured Samsaya's video for "Stereotype" because "the song bangs." Read more and watch the video here!

Rescheduled NYC Shows

I have some good and bad news for my friends in the U.S. The good news is that I'll be coming to NY, LA, SF and SXSW to do some shows in March! The bad news is that we had to cancel the February shows in NY due to visa complications. I am so disappointed, but March will be here before we know it! I'll be announcing the new tour dates shortly...xo <3

Light Fly, Fly High

Wins Oxfam Global Justice Award!!

Congrats to everyone involved in the film, 'Light Fly, Fly High,' which won the Oxfam Global Justice Award!! I feel so honored to have my song "Breaking Bad" featured in this amazing documentary about Thulasi, an Indian boxer who was born casteless and fights a corrupt system. She is such an inspiring person - a true keeper. I find great courage in her being!! You can check out the trailer and learn more about it here:


Samsaya Stereotype single cover


Keepers! I'm celebrating my first single release from my upcoming album Bombay Calling with a free download!!! 

Now you can leave your email address and download "Stereotype" for free ->->->here! 


Bombay Calling tour 2013 poster


I've got some crazy news for you guys! We are coming to India next week!!!

My band and I will be playing in Mumbai, New Delhi and Banglore. It's our first time officially playing in India. We are so super excited. I just can't believe it! 

I've been getting keepers mail from India and I'm so happy to finally say that I'm coming to you guys! Please check out the dates and venues-> here

At the moment we are doing a tour in Norway. Last night we played in Tysnes, and I kept thinking about how music brings people together. From Norway to India let's come closer!  

Check out the local posters and some of the acts we are playing with. 

I just love the one with the elephant. Don't you?  

All heart! 


Good morning keepers!

Found one of my favorite shots from the Stereotype video on my desktop! just had to share it with you! This kid just warmed my heart. He and his cool red helmet reminded me of how my sister and I used to imagine our bed being a spaceship that could take us to India #Stereotype #bombaycalling #superhero Ps. missing u didi aka nano:) love tato Check the kid out at 2:11 ->>>