NEW tune "Naina Don't Lie" out now!

Our eyes tell. Sometimes they reveal things that

we might not even want to admit even to ourself. At the same time they 

can hold the whole universe. If you look deep enough you can disappear 

into their emotional space. I want to go deeper into that dark space that

to my untrained eye has only been a shadow. A “saya" in hindi. Thats what my 

space without a roof is about, in the deep of the depth, my “Autumn of Saya”. 

I’ve been recording these travels and “Naina Don’t Lie” is the first one I’m sharing with you. 

you can listen to it  here


Currently in the studio

I've been busy writing and recording these past months. It's been wild to say the least and though I can't wait to share it all with you I still have some months to go.. BUT trust me I taste so much better when I'm happy;) In the meantime if you're in Oslo this summer catch me live here 



New single out today!

Samsaya is out with a brand new single called "Like Me"! The fresh song is written by Samsaya and produced by Swedish producer Sebastian Thott. It has already been listed on Norwegian nationl radio NRK P3, and you can now stream it at spotify, Tidal or ITunes.