Uncover Unveil 171117

This Friday I'll be doing a special performance at a fundraiser for Skeiv Verden. It's a unique event with amazing artist and designers that are making a difference with their expression. A night filled  with music, art & fashion! Come celebrate and give back to a great community on Steen & Strøm's Rooftop Taket! Get your tickets here  


Live at Rockslo's 4 year anniversary!

Doing a live show this sunday at Hvelvet Ungderground at Sentralen in Oslo. It's Rockslo's 4 year anniversary and I played the first year they started. I love the concept of live concerts organized by the youth for the youth. I know I usually play clubs where you have to be 20 and above to get in so I'm super excited to do a live club set for you under 20. Also the lineup's pretty sweet! So if you're in Oslo this weekend make sure to catch it. Get your tickets here

NEW tune "Naina Don't Lie" out now!

Our eyes tell. Sometimes they reveal things that

we might not even want to admit even to ourself. At the same time they 

can hold the whole universe. If you look deep enough you can disappear 

into their emotional space. I want to go deeper into that dark space that

to my untrained eye has only been a shadow. A “saya" in hindi. Thats what my 

space without a roof is about, in the deep of the depth, my “Autumn of Saya”. 

I’ve been recording these travels and “Naina Don’t Lie” is the first one I’m sharing with you. 

you can listen to it  here